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One GP for the whole family.

Having one GP for the whole family often works well. GPs are trained and experienced in treating people of all ages. In some cases, it is beneficial to have one GP for yourself and another one for your children, particularly as they get older and need specialised care. For example, some GPs specialise in particular areas like women’s health or adolescent health.

You might also find that one GP might not meet all your needs. For example, some people might want to see a GP of the same gender or cultural background or might prefer a particular GP for some medical problems and another GP for others.

Regardless of your preference, a long-term relationship with your GP is important for your family’s current and future health. Your relationship with your GP – as well as with any other health professional – is a partnership. Your GPs role is to work together with you and your family to have the best outcome for your health and the health of your family.

Building trust and Support

The Clinic 279 team work with and support children, young people and their families. Finding a GP that is right for you is important in fostering a long-term relationship with your doctor.

How to find a good GP


Finding a good GP

The ‘feel’ or atmosphere of the practice is important too, so look out for:

  • receptionists who are welcoming
  • posters on the wall that suggest that the team respects families from all cultural backgrounds
  • child-friendly books, toys and activities in a clean waiting room
  • lots of patient information – for example, pamphlets on a range of health topics
  • breastfeeding facilities
  • an accreditation sign – this means that the practice has met a set of nationally recognised standards for health care quality and patient safety

Know a GP is right for you

It might take some time to get to know a GP and work out whether he or she is right for you and your child.

The GP who is right for you and your child will use appointments to:

  • communicate with your child, even if your child is a newborn
  • help you feel confident you can look after your sick child at home
  • understand your child’s development and be sensitive to your child’s needs
  • understand how stressful things can be at home
  • help you find ways to manage your health that work for you and your family
  • recognise the good things you’re doing as a parent.

You've found a great GP

You’ll know you’ve found the right GP for you and your family when you:

  • feel comfortable to ask the GP any questions about your health
  • feel the GP has heard and understood you
  • feel you have a role in making decisions about your health
  • trust your GP has the skills to deal with your health issues
  • have more confidence after seeing the GP

Clinic 279 Services

Family Health

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