At The Clinic 279, we realise that the internet is full of resources - both good and bad! - about general health and wellbeing. As a continued service to our patients and our community, we've collated a series of online medical resources that we highly regard.

There has been a long tradition of espousing education at The Clinic 279:


For Patients

At the Clinic 279, we believe that the better informed patients are, the better they can look after their own health.  As a result, we strive to provide our patients and their caregivers with the vital information they need to assist in the treatment and management of their care.

In addition, we have a number of resources at our disposal. However, should you wish to look up some reputable resources, here are some that we recommend.


For Students

For over 35 years, at The Clinic 279, we have been empowering tomorrow's leading physicians and scientists.

Over that time, Dr Gallichio has held positions as lecturer, senior examiner, mentor and clinical supervisor variously for Melbourne and Monash Universities, as well as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

As a medical student, I completed my second year primary health care placement with Dr Gallichio at The Clinic 279. The incredibly detailed attention to patient care his team continues to provide serves as an exemplar for how ideal medical care should be delivered. The focus on quality consults has invariably brought about quality outcomes in the health and satisfaction of the clinic’s patients. Furthermore, it creates an optimal environment for clinical learning, enabling medical student engagement in all aspects of good medicine such as history, examination and investigations, as well as offering parallel consulting.

It is to no surprise that Dr Gallichio was awarded the prestigious GP Clinical Educator of the Year Award by the University of Melbourne in recognition of this tremendous educational experience he affords his medical students.

Since that time, I personally have since sat in with hundreds of clinicians in various healthcare settings, and I can confidently recommend the healthcare service provided by The Clinic 279 for both patient health and medical student training.

As a student, I have felt completely supported and encouraged throughout my learning in The Clinic 279. Training in a clinic where there is emphasis on student engagement has nurtured my clinical confidence and competency. Moreover, the placement enabled me to engage in independent and parallel consulting with patients, providing a unique opportunity to improve independence in medical practice.

University of Melbourne Medical Student


For Medical, Nursing and Clerical Staff

At The Clinic 279, there is an extensive program for continuing education of our reception support staff.

Up until recently, we have had weekly in-service educational meetings, over lunch, with some of the current luminaries in Medicine in Melbourne today. This has provided amazing education to nurses and doctors at the clinic and has provided most of not all of our CPD points.  We hope to restart this program soon.

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