Zero Tolerance towards Violence

Our policy

Zero Tolerance towards Violence

We understand that when you or your loved one is sick, you may feel stressed or anxious.

Verbal, aggressive and violent abuse and behaviour will not help. Please try to stay calm. Our staff are trained and dedicated to serve you and you will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times; they are always here to assist you.

In return, we expect that our doctors, staff and nursing team are treated with the same courtesy and respect. However, if a member of staff or one of the doctors or nursing team is treated in an abusive or violent way, be advised that The Clinic 279 will take violence or abuse very seriously. 

We respectfully advise you that abuse and/or violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Such behaviour has a marked effect on staff as well as other patients.  At all times, should staff or other patients feel threatened, verbally or physically, or where such behaviour is observed, we reserve the right to withdraw from treating you, you will be removed from the premises and police will be called.

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